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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we? We are a non-for profit youth baseball organization for players ages 3 – 15.

Where do you play? We play at the Minneola Athletic Complex in Minneola, Florida. 1300 Fosgate Rd Minneola, FL 34715

Are you associated with a country wide baseball organization? Yes, we are governed by the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth Association.

What is your registration fee? Smart Start and T-Ball is $95.00 Rookies $105, Minors/Majors $125, Juniors/Seniors $145

What does the registration fee include? The registration fee includes uniform, game time, insurance and practice fields.

What if we register and we decide not to play? You can receive a full registration refund up to the point that uniforms have been ordered. After uniforms have been ordered, no refunds will be issued.

How many games do you play per season? We generally play 10 – 18 games per season based on division.

How many seasons do you have? We play two seasons. Fall (Aug. – Dec.) and Spring (Feb. – May)

What are the age divisions?

Smart Start: 3 – 4 years old

T-Ball: 5 – 6 years old

Rookies (machine pitch): 7 – 8 year old

Minors: 9 – 10 years old

Majors: 11 – 12 years old

Juniors: 13 – 15 years old

Seniors: 16-18

When are your games/practices? Practices are throughout the week  and are dependent upon what team your player is on. Practice times are either 6-730pm or 7:30-9pm. Once your player is put on a team, the coach will let them know practice day/time. (Smart Start practices on Saturday mornings). Games for Smart Start and T-Ball are played on Saturday mornings. Games for Rookies through Majors are generally played on Mondays and Thursdays starting at 5:45pm ending around 9:00pm. Junior's games (some travel required) and practices vary.

How are teams selected? Teams are selected by a draft system. Every player gets evaluated. This evaluation IS NOT a tryout. It is a method that we use to gauge the players abilities compared to the other players in their division to pick teams fairly.

Does everyone have to come to evaluations? Yes, everyone needs to be present at evaluations. Evaluations is a time for us to get uniforms sized, go over pertinent league info with you and evaluate the players abilities.

What if we are unable to come to evaluations? If you are unable to attend due to other obligations you will need to contact us via email to let us know. It is then your responsibility to meet with us so that your player can get sized for his/her uniform.   

What playing equipment does my player need? Your player will need a glove, a helmet with a facemask (Juniors and Seniors divisions do not need a facemask), a bat (see next question), a cup and cleats (cleats are not mandatory, but recommended).

What type of bat is allowed in your league? Must be USA stamped, please visit babe ruth website for more information

Are metal cleats allowed? Metal cleats are ONLY allowed in the Junior division and up. Majors division and down must wear plastic cleats.

Are cups (athletic protector) mandatory? Cups are only mandatory if you catch or pitch (or play the pitcher position). We strongly recommend that all players wear cups though.

Does you league require a fundraiser? Yes, our league relies on the fundraiser to cover the costs of the league. This fundraiser is mandatory.  If the fundraiser is not something you are interested in then you can choose the opt out fee during the registration process.

Does your league require helmets with facemasks? Yes, it is mandatory for all players 12 and under to wear a facemask. It is also mandatory that every player have their OWN helmet with facemask due to sanitary conditions.

Does your league have a picture day? Yes, once uniforms have been issued we will have a planned picture day for team photos and individual photos. 

Do you supply medals/trophies at the end of each season? Yes, at the end of each season every player will receive a medal or trophy